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Today, I was going to go to a pumpkin patch to marvel in nature's miracle of the pumpkin, but instead it turned into marveling about nature's miracle of falling rain.

There is something about falling rain... It is a message falling from the sky to slow down and breathe.

It is a pure harmony of nature!

The acoustics are musical, the melody of this escalating downpour, the harmony of plump raindrops glistening in the light falling on the table, the percussion of the thunder and the strikes of the lightning, it is a pure harmony of nature, but more than than, it's natures symphony!

This rain today is preparing me for the next song I will be working on in the next few weeks which, appropriately, is called Cielos Lejanos in Spanish and Deep Blue Sky in English.

Cielos Lejanos, similarly, starts with a crescendo, escalates, slows down and breathes. It's a story about love across lifetimes under one Deep Blue Sky... but also rainy skies.

But here is the rain. More on Cielos Lejanos soon!


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