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What is it about a love song?

I have a couple, probably dozens of love songs that I love.

You have one, or maybe dozens too.

It's that go to love song that makes you feel ooh so good that you play it over and over.

The one that was the prom song. The one that your BFF listens to all the time.

The one your mom danced to at their wedding.

It's the breakup song, the unrequited love song or for the one who got away...

Which one is LA VIDA QUE DEJÉ?

This song is about a great love, if not the love of your life, that got left behind when it should not have been left behind.

The melody and the lyrics are so nostalgic and a testament to the feeling of regret, anguish and forlorn. Oh if I could do it all over again, would I leave that love behind again?

It's one of those things that happen in life sometimes...what can you do? Learn from it and be thankful that you even had that love to begin with.

Why did it happen? Well, that's the mystery!

Here is a listen to the very beginnings of this song and how the chorus was shaping up to be.


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