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The one song that I am working on now, Hechizo de Amor, has these lyrics that are so sticky, memorable and undeniable.

I remember the first pass to this song. I give you a little sneak listen below.

Mind you, you can't really hear any lyrics because this is my very first pass to the song, but I knew that the lyrics to this song were going to haunt my nights.

I literally hear them over and over again in my sleep.

Specially, the part where it says:

Cuando se escapo la luna en tu mirada?

When did the moon escape from your gaze?

The love spell broke unnoticed...

These lyrics are just so magical and hypnotic.

I think that you are all going to fall in love with this song when you finally hear the full production.

I can't wait. So much work but it will be so worth it.


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