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MY ARTIST MANIFESTO! MY ARTISTRY goes...carpe diem! Who am I?

Just a girl that sees with her heart.

But I am also so much in my brain. I could be a scientist too. Always thinking, ruminating, to tell you what I think and feel in a nutshell?

Here it goes...ready?

Early in life, I struggled with the pressure of performing and wanting to be solitary to observe human behavior and the human condition. But the struggle, I realized was the struggle to know and accept myself, but also others unconditionally.

So developing my singing, whether it was Pop or Opera served as a way to unconditionally love myself and others, while also expressing myself.

I view my voice as an instrument. I consider myself foremost a musician.

Singing, playing instruments like the the piano and writing songs are all natural extensions of my being and the vehicles to express my life lessons, observations and internal aspirations.

My personal music philosophy is rooted in the mind and body connection, which encapsulates the core values of healing through music.

Through my music I wants to share all my love, my life lessons, and my spiritual growth and healing.


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