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So here is a little secret for you!

The great scale, if it is practiced and elaborated every day is my connection to the universe!

Besides that it equalizes my tone, makes it flexible and strong so I can then practice the next song, Cielos Lejanos, which I will be working on these coming couple of weeks.

Cielos Lejanos is a stunning sound journey about love across lifetimes!

In English the song is called "Deep Blue Sky".

Practicing these noble scales also repairs all faults and breaks and connects me to my heart.

It is the most valuable exercise, but the most difficult one for sure too!

By devoting forty minutes to practicing scales every day, I gain a consciousness of certainty and strength, so I do not skip it, although I could think of other fun distractions...

Sharing here a little snippet... not the 40 minutes!


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