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I recently started a GoFundMe campaign.

The life of an artist is full of hardship and yet all we want to do is bring love to the world with our songs and artistry.

I want to thank deeply from my heart everyone who has given to my GoFundMe. I am still far away from the goal but I trust the process!

I want to share a portion of my manager, Marlene Cassidy's, speech at the crowdfunding showcase I had to raise these funds.

"I am so honored to be here tonight in front of all of you to talk to you about Andrea.

Talents like Andrea don't show up very often. She is what stars are made from...

Andrea's talent must be nurtured, developed and brought to market for the world to experience.

We are here because Andrea needs our financial assistance so that we can do the necessary work and be successful!

Labels just don't develop artists anymore. Artists today have to develop themselves!

In fact, artists direct earned $1.5 billion in revenue in 2021, or $125 million per month, or $4 million per day.

I'm just trying to paint a perspective for you so you can see where we stand. We have everything in our favor. We not only have a star in Andrea, but a market that already exists. This is our opportunity and we have to seize it!

Andrea is pure talent, remarkable and impressive and she will go far. This we know!

We are here to help Andrea to bring her to the world's stages! Please give generously! Search your pockets as if you were searching your hearts and give the gift of love!

Thank you!"

So please, give if you can. I so appreciate it!


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